lunedì 18 gennaio 2010


100 pezzi in 100 giorni...Tranquilli non è trainspotting ma semplicemente l'ultima sfida di Swet, il writer Danese famoso per i suoi miliardevoli stili. Sul sito MOLOTOW i quotidiani aggiornamenti. Fossi in voi lo segnerei sulla mia to do list del giorno dopo il caffe'.

The 100 Pieces in 100 Days Project featuring Swet has started december 1st 2009! From that day on danish graffiti writer Swet tries to set up a new record. Swet about the project: "for me it’s a challenge to see if I can find the time to paint even more without neglecting work or my family. And of course see what I can do with my style when all the pieces have to be different and with only one fill in colour to work with…” Good luck! 100 Pieces in 100 Days. Here you can follow him until march 10th 2010. In use: the Molotow Premium 400ml Swet100 Traffic Red. Keep checking that section for daily updates with photos and notes by Swet.

MOLOTOW website

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